Our Mission?

Our mission is to uplift, teach, & encourage confidence in being yourself as well as allowing the youth to grow in the education of dance.


What Is K.U.Z.O?

If you are asking yourself what does K.U.Z.O stand for? Basically the K is for Kool, U is Under, Z is Zero and the O represents the number zero. This represents my goal for my company which is to remind all ages to be themselves. It doesn't matter what anyone labels you, even if its a zero, because you are more than not less than. 

Labels don’t make you they just make your clothes more expensive to buy. The greatest label you could ever have is your name and what you do under your name

will always stay with you.

Why Choose Us?

We Offer Low Affordable Prices

Professionally Trained Teachers 

Small Classes w/ Individual Attention

Safe, Friendly, & Family Environment

Focused On Purpose Rather Than Profit


What Do Students Learn Other Than Dance?

We strive to instill in our students discipline, respect, and working together. We accomplish this by simply giving them responsibilities that practices there organization skills, communication skills, and collaborating skills. Which are very essential in school or anywhere outside of dance.



"I never want to leave this world and not accomplish my calling of helping the youth make great decisions. Because a great decision will lead you to your destiny, even if it means giving up friendships, jobs, or even money. I never want anyone to limit themselves because barriers are not in our definition. I want my students to know that you don’t ever have to pretend to be something you’re not. That you’re voice is loud enough to make a difference and yes you have the confidence within yourself to do whatever you put your mind to. By putting all of your passions in one then you can achieve an extended height of success. Never limit yourself.”

-Miss Ashley

K.U.Z.O Dance Studio LLC

21 S. Centre Street

Merchantville, NJ 08109

Call us at (856) 266-8991


K.U.Z.O Is Looking For A NEW Home!

Our youth need a environment to Evolve, Be Themselves and Stay Focused on positive opportunities.


We want to invest in our youth because they are the FUTURE and it starts with DEDICATION!


K.U.Z.O Dance Studio is dedicated to providing students with a Fun Dance Filled, Nurturing & Educational place to call HOME!



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